Industrialization and Global Warming

Through the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at Industrialization.  We’ve all seen the overall effect, the definite improvements to society, and also some societal set-backs in the daily lives of many who were involved.  When we think of industrialization, we think of all of the effects that have already occurred, past-tense, but rarely think about the current effects that it still may be having on a different level.  True, on a societal standard, much of the very drastic changes have already taken place; but on a different note, how could Industrialization be effecting our planet as a whole?

In a recent article posted no more than four months ago, published by Princeton University, we see that new studies have been focused on the vast amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere – growing at an exponential rate.  “Further findings from the study show that the plants that were operating around the world in 2012, before they are shut down, will emit more than 300 billion tons of CO2″ (Princeton Univ).  This may just seem like a small-change topic, but looking further into these facts we can see that there has been a steady incline every single year since 1950, and not one decline in the amounts given off.  With the current way that the world is headed, there’s no decline in sight either.

Looking at some other sources to cross examine this articles validity, I found a diagram that sums up the increase in CO2 emissions.  Looking at it below, we can really begin to see the spike in which it took off.

The AAG Center for Global Geography Education, the source where this picture was found, has many other graphics that make it easy to visually see the effects that industrialization has had.  Words can only emphasize something so far, but really seeing the graphics drive the point home.

Now, Princeton takes a definite stand in saying that Industrialization is the main component to the drastic increase in this whereas the AAG Center for Global Geography Education doesn’t necessarily say that; however, the problems are both the same.  Moreover, while not looking at the cause, we can see that the effect still remains and that it’s still a growing concern.  We personally can’t seem to do much to stop this – I mean, how would we?  But even knowing about this issue and talking about it can have an affect.  Knowledge is power, and with power comes responsibility.  This is something that can and will effect everybody whether or not we had a direct role in the matter.  Let’s make sure to do all that we can do to have a positive impact regarding this issue!


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