Industrialization and Environmental damage

I believe that the main factor in pollution and environmental damage is industrialization. In this article from the New York Times they talk about the cost of environmental degradation. In 2010 China spent $230 billion or 3.5 percent of the nation’s GDP on environmental damage, which was triple the amount spent in 2004. they also said that this number is low because they did not have a full set of data.

China also has a very large problem with air, water and soil pollution. In spring 2013 they found 16,000 dead pigs in rivers that gave shanghai drinking water. They also found that many farmers were using waste water to water their crops. In January 2013 china also reached record breaking air pollution levels. Many people didn’t see the sun for weeks at a time. In this article from the LA times you can see the extent of the issue and what air pollution can look like. because of this pollution many schools and roads were closed. Many people were also having asthma attacks and respiratory infections. It is still currently very polluted, so polluted that according to this article from Yahoo News oxygen masks have hit the fashion runway. All of these things show how industrialization has negatively impacted the world, particularly china where it happened very rapidly.

Recently president Obama and china’s president Xi Jinping met to talk about how both the countries can reduce greenhouse gases and global warming (article). their goal is to have CO2 emissions peak by 2030 or early and start to decrease. They also encouraged other  world leaders to do the same. It is very important that all world leaders join this cause so the planet will still be livable in the years to come.


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