I feel we have all heard the term “GMO” if you have not it stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Scientists have developed ways to modify seeds in a manner that they will yield larger, stronger, and faster developing crops. Although this is a great development for companies and their investors, there is debate about the safety of these modified crops. I liked this article by The New York Times. I find it extremely interesting that these large companies are willing to invest millions of dollars to prohibit the listing of GMO’s on food labels. I don’t see why they would want to waste that kind of money if they are certain GMO’s are safe to their consumers.  interestingly enough I found this article about the safety of GMO’s put out by Forbes

This brings to light the ugly side of GMO’s. Scientists doing research found lab animals who were fed food that had GMO’s developed various cancers, personality changes. as well as a premature death in some of them. I feel like this has been and will continue to be the problem with industrialization. Companies are more concerned about gaining profit over the welfare of their consumers. We saw this in the early stages of industrialization in the way the factory workers and plantation workers were treated. There was complete disregard for their workers health and we continue to see this happening during our lifetime.


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