Elio Motors

Elio is a new and up and coming motor company that is trying to make its way to the top. Elio is creating a three wheel “green” car that is claimed to get up to 84 miles per gallon on the highway and expected consumer cost being around $6,800. Industrialization comes into play in different ways. One being the car (if it comes out) will be the most fuel efficient car on the market. Then the other being its competitors, like GM, Ford, Chevy, and all of the other top name motor companies. This is a huge challenge for them due to the fact that one, there has not been a new and successful motor company in a long while and second, getting the financing and money to start the company and “lift it off of the ground”. Lastly, Elio is struggling to keep an actual date for the car to come out and after many changes in the release date, Elio currently is set on this car coming out in mid-2016.







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