Fracking in North Dakota

“Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, forces natural gas and crude oil out of shale buried deep below the earth by using highly pressurized and treated water,” (CNBC). The article states that in the process of acquiring crude oil about 33% of the natural gases that are released are burned. Doing this created flares that can be seen from space. “This gas could be put to use in heating homes or generating electricity…However, a lack of pipeline infrastructure to carry the gas away means it is simply burned off into the atmosphere instead,” (The Telegraph).

Fracking and the problems that go with it can be traced to industrialization. Industry and machinery rely on oil. Because of the heavy need for oil, people are fracking and drilling to get more. While this creates jobs and boosted the economy and wealth in North Dakota, it is also wasting energy that could be put to use.

  This is an images of the flares from space.


Robert, Simmon. NASA



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