Refugees Transferring to Industrialized Nations

It’s interesting how this article here predicts that the number of refugees seeking safety in Europe and North America (two very industrialized nations) will get to around 700,000 by the end of the year which is the greatest amount since the Balkan wars. The problem with this is that the international aid agency is having an extremely hard time dealing with the huge and somewhat unexpected amounts of people seeking refuge in Europe and North America. The issue with countries being corrupt and/or having war is that it drives people away because the civilians want to seek refuge somewhere else. If a country is corrupt and its people are trying to flee, it really hurts its chances of industrializing.

In this primary source it speaks about the extremely tragic and negative effects of the Balkan wars. What happened back then seems to be repeating itself in a sense with all of the war going on in the middle east. During the Balkan war period the article stated that: “There are also some 40,000 refugees from the Balkan war in Sweden, 13,000 in Switzerland, 4,000 in the Netherlands and as many as 50,000 in other countries.”


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