China’s Industrialization

I found an article that I think relates to industrialization regarding to China. It describes a number of protests on the construction of industrial objects. Most notably, an industrial waste pipeline in the city of Qidong. I noticed that this article happened to point many of the numerous problems that can happen as a result of industrialization.

The first emphasis the article had was on pollution. China has a notoriously large amount of pollution, especially air pollution. Much of this pollution has come as a result of China’s use of coal. In fact, In 2009 China burned nearly half of the world’s coal. Besides air pollution, China suffers from many other forms of pollution. The proposed pipeline would only add to the problem. In relation to industrialization, I think that this shows how if industrialization is not managed correctly, then severe environmental consequences may occur.

Another issue pointed out was a lack of public involvement. China’s government doesn’t allow its citizens to have input in decisions involving industrialization. Citizens should be involved in these decisions as they are the ones effected by the pollution as a result of industrial growth.

The pipeline was intended to discharge waste water from a Japanese-owned paper mill. This I feel elaborates on the consequences of poor  industrial planing. In my post earlier this week in our discussion I encouraged countries to support inside companies and not foreign ones. Foreign companies do not support the economy as much, and as the article explained, don’t care for the environment or the citizens of the country they are exploiting. I feel like this problem could have been avoided if China’s government would have kept its citizens involved. If they would have had the ability to develop their own companies and supported those from the inside they could have prevented an ongoing tension between Chinese citizens and Japan.

This article highlighted a few of the consequences of poor industrial advancement. The environmental, social and economic consequences should make any other country wary of industrializing in the same way as China.


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