Industrialization and Women

I believe that feminism is a contemporary issue that is rooted in the Industrial revolution. During the Industrial revolution of the U.S, women began to see more rights and freedoms. Women were allowed to work, and with that came new rights and privileges that were usually left to men. My primary source shows one of the factories that a women might work at, the Slater Mill. The source shows a turbine on the southwest end of the Slater Mill.

The U.S industrial revolution happened in the late 18th century, and the women’s suffrage movement of the U.S happened in the late 19th century. Once women realized that they had the right to work, they realized they deserve the same rights as a man. I believe that with the suffrage movement, and women gaining the right to vote in the 20th century lead to the modern day feminist movement. As my secondary source states, “women and men have not yet reached equality,” and this is why feminism is a contemporary issue for us to discuss while talking about the industrial revolution. Women were not considered equal then, and since then women have been working towards equality even to this day. Currently one of the most important topics in feminism is the wage inequality gap. “Female professors earn 12 percent less than male professors, and full-time male professors still out number full time female professors,” according to the APA. Obviously, gender inequality is an extremely important contemporary issue, that I believe is rooted in the industrial revolution.


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