I have been following this story for quite some time, it is about a Dutch non-profit that is planning a one way trip to Mars. The goal is to create a permanent establishment on the planet. Though I have high doubts that this will not happen in the near future like the project insists, or at all for that matter. It is still interesting to read about.


This is something that can be traced all the way to the dawn of man, but when reading this assignment I thought of the tycoons that created America during the Industrial Revolution. Andrew Carnegie, for example created the first steel bridge connecting the east and west over the Mississippi (Eads Bridge in St. Louis), to prove it’s strength Carnegie had an elephant walk across the bridge.

Visionary people and people that dream big are what drives revolution. Without the visions of these people there would be no revolutions and the very fast advancements in technology that most of this world has seen.


Mars-One Information

Down to 100 Candidates

Industrial Revolution


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