When thinking of industrialization we picture all the good that it has done for our world. When taking a look into the negative aspects I was shocked to see what its doing to the world around us. South America is going through one of the worst droughts in history right now. Scientists looked into it and noticed  it was due to deforestation. We are cutting down the amazon rapidly. Not only are were loosing precious animal species to this we are causing havoc on man kind. The trees pump water into the air helping it rain and keep co2 around and were cutting it down at record numbers. One tree is said to pump 1000 liters of water into the air.  A Princeton study showed that deforestation of the amazon could cause droughts all the way up to California. deforestation-causes-HI_104236

“There’s lots of evidence that changing the water cycle in the Amazon would have global consequences,” Dr. Schimel said. “It’s a fairly robust notion.” with that being said its crazy to think we keep cutting down the beautiful forest.

The deforestation isn’t just happening in Brazil but all over the world as people scramble to replant the trees they are getting cut down even faster then they are growing.

We use the timber for all sorts of factories around the world and we keep needing it but with the record numbers soon we won’t have a forest to cut down.


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by | November 14, 2015 · 9:39 pm

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