Industrialization and Obesity


In an article by U.S. News scientists were finding new information on obesity. They say, along with the statistics that being “skinny fat” is more fatal than being very over weight. People with belly fat and not as much spread out fat like an obese person are more at a risk of death early in life than the obese people. All of this I found was interesting so i looked into it more. It was found in the studies the fat around the part of the belly in which the scientists were focusing on coincides with risk factors of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The main problem behind this all I found was the industrialization of food. How it helps Processed food, produce foods for fast food at a rapid pace, added sugars or chemicals into our food that can hurt our bodies, and much more. Before industrialized food our dinners consisted of whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables eaten in season, and grazing animals. According to Grace Communications foundation food is now processed with chemicals such as antibiotics, additives, hormones, pesticides, and GMO’s or genetically modified organisms. Not all of these are meant to hurt us but a lot of them do effect us and are effecting our weight and health in ways that are shortening life spans.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the industrialization. The industrialization brought about fast factory processes to mass produce products, brought about new faster harvesting technologies, and a way to feed millions of people.


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