Japan’s Population Decline

For the past few years, Japan has been seeing a decline in birthrates and an increase in the aging members of their community. This decline has been a hot topic, with the government work to increase birthrates, conducting studies and whatnot. If the decline continues, Japan will eventually find itself with an abundance of the elderly with no one to take their place in the work force and no one to care for them either. One of the causes of this is the increase of women in the work force and the less marriages occurring because of this. More and more women are choosing to push marriage and children back and pursue their careers. This working women ideal stems slightly in the industrial age in Japan, when women moved into the cities and worked in the factories, rather than staying home. Working conditions in Japan are better for women than what they once were, but the industrialization within Japan caused large social change involving thoughts on the professional working woman and gender roles, leading to the social situation and changes within Japan today.




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