World Civilization

There was a discovered; actually an undiscovered but observed observation that was made by the “Finding Observations Observatory,” in Sri Lanka. As stated on “,” “This is too low to be a natural space rock, but it’s compatible with being a hollow shell, such as the spent upper stage of a rocket.” The technology that is used now made an effort to test this object. It was found that the object could bring “CA strophic” damage to the earth. (

I think this event was rooted from industrialization of the scientific revolution. The scientific revolution really encouraged the scholars now days think more critical and apply technology to the findings of today. The use of scientific ideas started from the 1500’s and has done everything to expand. The scientific revolution really mattered because in everyday life there is so much to learn and discover. Industrialization and scientific revolution mattered in the past and future because as stated on “In Depth Info,” “Discoveries show that even on earth there are vast unknowns.” I think this is the greatest importance that everyday things can be unknown and discovered.


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