Industrialization and Garbage

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a vortex of litter that spans from the west coast of North America between Hawaii and California to Japan. The Garbage accumulates because most of it is not biodegradable like plastic water bottles that break into smaller pieces and don wear down. Only 20% of the garbage comes from boaters, oil rigs, and large cargo ships that dump the garbage directly into the water. The other 80% is simply people doing land based activities. It takes about six years for garbage from America to reach the patch and about one year for garbage from asian countries. This dump of garbage is too massive for anyone to calculate the mass. This debris is intact harmful to marine life and is growing every year. About 705,000 tons of the garbage is just fishing nets which can tangle up and trap unsuspecting sea life and kill them. Animals that feed on algae like turtles and fish will have less food and be at a huge risk. If those animals decrease there will be less food for tuna, sharks and whales which will eventually affect the supply and demand of seafood. Cleaning up this garbage patch is said to “bankrupt any country” and because its so far off the coast nobody will take responsibility for it. It keeps accumulating because everyones garbage is sucked to it and is trapped in the vortex.  Plastic’s durability and low cost means that its being used in more products from more industries.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch



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