The Impact of the Renaissance

People might wonder what the significance the Renaissance has on modern society. Or maybe even why it’s important. Well, it is not only important, but also instrumental in day to day life as an American and more specifically, a Minnesotan. Why is it important? Well without the advances in science, art, and critical thinking, we would not have a lot of the advances we have today. In her article ‘The Influence of the Renaissance on Modern American Society, Culture, and Art,” Nichole Smith talks extensively about the significance that the Renaissance has on today’s life and culture. She talks about how Leonardo Da Vinci is arguably one of the most influential people from the Renaissance. His contributions to art are revolutionary. He sought to bring out “human spirit” as Smith put it in his paintings. His most notable and famous painting is the Mona Lisa which displays his style of painting.. He also was one of the first to show a realist tendency in his painting which was incredibly innovative for his time.

Another prominent contributor to the Renaissance was Francis Bacon. He was a prominent writer and philosopher. His writings and thoughts have been recalled up until the enlightenment period of American history. He was one of the first people after the dark ages to use experiments to further scientific grow and understanding. This would help prove his hypothesis and conclusions. Without such a critical thinker, we would not have some of the advances in science that we have today. Smith also states in the article that, “Bacon is also an important figure to contemporary American society because he set forth a clear division between philosophy and religion.” This is important in American society today because it has shaped some of thinking that we have today. He really pointed out how they are two different things all together rather than just another way of thinking.

Alex Wrobel


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