The Return of the Plague?

Is the disease called the Black Death, better known as the bubonic plague, on its return to kill another third of our population like it did in the Middle Ages? In this article written by Brad Stanhope from the Daily Republic, he discusses how there has been 15 cases of the plague in the United States in just this year alone. I have not been aware of these 15 cases and have been completely oblivious to the matter and to the fact that the plague is still possible. The most recent case of the plague happened in Oregon to a teenage girl. She was hunting and was bit by a flea and on Halloween went to the hospital to find out that she had the bubonic plague. He continues to say that this is the plague that succeeded in killing a third of the population. He also said, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently also announced that the Pentagon may have mislabeled, improperly stored and shipped samples of potentially infectious plague bacteria,” in his article.

This website from WordPress explains the multiple types of the plague such as the bubonic plague that was included in the article above. On the website it explains that a common origin of the disease in the Middle Ages was from the bites of fleas carrying a pathogenic host. It also defines exactly what the symptoms of this plague are like fever, headache, and impaired consciousness. The website says that bubonic plague does not actually kill the infected, but leads your body into a secondary sickness from another pathogen.

This is especially important to Minnesotans since here in Minnesota, the cold and flu season is quickly approaching and hunting season is undergoing full participation. Minnesotans need to be aware of this possibility of the plague and take safety precautions to prevent them from becoming the 16th case of the plague in the United States this year.


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