Creativity During the Renaissance


We all have seen the Mona Lisa, with it’s dark colors and not particularly happy lady. Leonardo da Vinci painted this particular piece of art in the 16th Century. It was created in the time when knowledge and creativity were flowering. This period was known as the renaissance because of the increase in ideas, knowledge and creativity. Recently in Forbes, there was an article about how children lose creativity as they get older. Unless people do something creative for their job or have a hobby that uses creativity, it doesn’t seem very common to use it. Also, classes haven’t been teaching students in a way that allows them to strengthen their creativity. The classes are setup to memorize facts instead of attempting to problem solve. Both sources, the Mona Lisa and Forbes, show the importance of creativity. The Mona Lisa’s creative aspects add so much to the painting while, as discussed in Forbes, students these days are no longer needing to be creative in the classroom. During the renaissance, we were all about being creative. These days, we are all about collecting as much information as we possibly can. The Mona Lisa shows the time and detail put into just one painting, taking several years to create. In modern times, we want to do things fast and as easily as possible. We no longer take the time and effort to do things, because we feel as though we just don’t have the time. Leonardo da Vinci spent years on the Mona Lisa, attempting to perfect every aspect of it. Even in Minnesota, our school have been cutting classes that influence children to be creative. Some believe that we should be learning facts, instead of wasting time playing with paints. Classes such as art, are no longer required in the curriculum. Some schools don’t even offer classes such as theater or musical classes, such as band and choir.




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