Democracy and the Mongol Empire

During the time of the Mongolian Empire, choosing a new Khan was not simply choosing the oldest son of the current leader to become the next emperor. The new ruler was chosen from a pool of candidates from the different tribes of Asia. The process of choosing a new ruler for the Mongolian empire was clearly a democratic process. Democracy is an essential feature in a civilized world. It allows people to choose their leader.

I believe that democracy is very important for all Minnesotans. Every time new governor elections come up people are eager to go to vote. Everyone hopes that their candidate wins the election.

My primary source is a picture of the great Mongolian leader Genghis Khan and a picture of our current Governor Mark Dayton. Genghis Khan established the Mongol Empire by destroying small tribes in Asia. Mark Dayton is Minnesota’s 40th Governor. He was born in Minnesota.


My second sources are articles about how democracy played a big role in choosing the next Khan. The new Mongolian leader was chosen from the different tribes in Asia.

My two sources relate to each other because Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongolian Empire and Mark Dayton is our current Governor. The people of the Mongolian Empire and of Minnesota put their trust in them.

An issue that these sources arise to me is the leadership that was expected from Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan was expected to lead and control millions of civilians and warriors.



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