The Bubonic Plague May Return

Adam du Fresne

The Bubonic plague, or Black death is known by many to be major the bringer of death among human beings in Europe within fourteenth century. It has been recorded that the spread of the plague cause the death of one-third of the western European population. The plague itself is an incredibly infectious disease caused by the Yersinia pestis strain of bacteria that infects primarily small rodents and other mammals such as human beings. Strains of this type of bacteria have been located at all corners of the globe and still yet poses as a threat to our species health even as of today.

The symptoms the proceed with the infection of the bubonic plague consist of the sudden onset of a fever, chills, headache, weakness, and one or more swollen lymph nodes. Additional information on the different forms, symptoms, and facts may be found on the CDC link posted below. However, modern day medicine has yet to provide us with an effective antibiotic against such an deadly disease.

Despite our advancements in science and our ability to combat the bubonic plague, we have yet to discover a sufficient weapon against the Pneumonic plague. The Pneumonic plague is a far more lethal form of the bubonic plague which can infects the patient with additional symptoms of aggressive pneumonia and can be spread from person to person by droplets in the air.

An other named Paul Rodgers has speculates that the plague could strike again without warning. In his article, he claims that by further disruption of rodent breeding grounds by human excavations and industrialization, we may yet find ourselves combating a new variation of the infectious disease. Paul also says in his article that the fleas on rats are the primary carriers of the disease itself, not the rats. The link to his article is posted below for further reading.

It goes to show that we may yet see another pandemic as a result of the plague yet again if measure are not taken now to ensure our the safety of our health.



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