Mansa Musa: Richest Man Ever?

Mansa Musa, the richest man ever? According to a 2012 Huffington Post article Mansa Musa was the richest man to ever have lived having an estimated worth of $400 billion. Having built a multitude of palaces and mosques in West Africa, Musa left behind one of the greatest empires in Africa which still has magnificent buildings standing today. To put Mansa Musa’s wealth into perspective, today’s richest man, Carlos Slim, is worth an estimated $69 Billion dollars. In 1324 Mansa Musa started his trek to the Mecca which would later be known as the most expensive vacation in history. During his travels, he spent so much money in Cairo that would leave negative effects on their inflation rates for years to come. Musa’s wealth mostly came from the country’s immense access to natural resources. The West African nation was responsible for more than half the worlds salt and gold supply at that time.

I think this is article is super interesting especially because Mali, Musa’s country, is one of the poorest countries in Africa today. Just two generations after Musa’s death, his wealth had vanished from invaders and wars. Today it seems that people’s wealth gets passed down by generation and usually seems to expand upon death, not diminish. The historical source is a photo depicting the vast richness of Mansa Musa and all his temples and palaces. The photo is actually a map that shows everything that Mansa Musa owned in West Africa. -Austin Busse




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