The black Plague -Still a Threat?

The black plague killed nearly 60% of Europe’s population. Nobody was safe. It struck the Roman empire, the the Persian empire, and even made the byzantine emperor ill. But the question is, could it happen again? According to fox6 the plague is still around today. In fact, there were 14 cases in 2015 alone. Although the majority of the cases -and the deaths- were in Colorado, at least one case was discovered in Michigan. If the plague is still around, why are people not panicking, or worse, why hasn’t it gone viral and killed half of everybody? According to a primary source found at Fordham University, the plague was a terribly contagious disease “and during these times there was a pestilence, by which the whole human race came near to being annihilated”. Well, the reason it has not gone viral and killed everybody is because its not nearly as dangerous or as contagious as everybody thought. When the plague struck the first time, there were no concept of modern medicine or antibiotics. In fact the primary source suggests that the people had absolutely no idea how the plague was caught “For it did not come in a part of the world nor upon certain men, nor did it confine itself to any season of the year, so that from such circumstances it might be possible to find subtle explanations of a cause, but it embraced the entire world, and blighted the lives of all men, though differing from one another in the most marked degree, respecting neither sex nor age”. Even if the ancient plague victims did know what was causing them their ailments, they still wouldn’t be able to cure the victims, antibiotics had not been invented yet. However, despite modern medicine, people are still catching -and dying-  with the plague. So the question remains: should we  in Minnesota take precautions against the plague? The answer is probably no. Although a case was reported in Michigan, it was later learned that the said person had recently returned from  a trip to Colorado -an active plague zone. So even if you read about “another plague victim” in the paper, its important to remember that it poses nearly no threat to use Minnesotans. And if by some chance your reading this in Colorado, the plague is easily cured with antibiotics if treated promptly.

~Liam Koehler


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