The Plague Today

The Black Plague was a major epidemic that claimed the lives of millions in its time. The disease was spread from China to all over the world on ships and through people. The disease was, at the time, incurable and extremely deadly.

The first source that I found was a news story titled Avoiding the Black Plague Today. This story explains how the disease was caused and spread, and also why it is no longer among the most feared diseases, but had claimed so many lives at the time. This story also claims that, anymore, there are barely any cases reported of the plague, but they believe that there have actually been many more that are unreported. This source also says that the plague is no longer majorly feared because it is treatable with antibiotics.

The second source I found is not directly a primary source, but it includes several photos from the time period. In these photos we see some abstract art and some paintings that express the amount of death during this time and the effects that the plague had on society. The first photo is displaying the mass burials that people were forced to make because of the amount of death. The next photo displays Jews being burned because many claimed that the Jews had poisoned the wells and caused the plague.

The Black Death was a major loss in the world killing millions of people. What is even more devastating is that, if these people had the same antibiotics that we have today, the plague could have mostly been avoided. In the photos we see helpless people that had no options and no cure. However, the first source explains how this really could have been avoided if they had the right medications. It is truly sad to see that so many people died because of not having modern medicine.

This all reminds me somewhat of the issue that the world has today with cancer. In the times of the plague, people died because they didn’t have the same medications that we have today, so this leads me to wonder if it may be the same with cancer. I wonder: what if, in a decade, cancer is just another sickness, cured with modern medication. It is truly a shame that people cannot yet find the correct medication to cure cancer all together.


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