The Triumph of Death, by an anonymous Sicilian artist, circa 1445 (Galleria Nazionale da Sicilia, Palermo)

What was refer to as the Black Death in ancient time maybe be best known as the Bubonic plague. It a bacterial infection that existed since ancient times and began to sweep across Europe in 1347. This bacteria effected every class member of society. The bacteria quickly spread, most common symptoms were high fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes in the armpits. Most scholars agree today that it was the cause of Yersinia pestis which normally afflicts rats and is spread among them by fleas.


I never thought we will be dealing with the bubonic plague in the 21st in my quest to learn about the black death I have a cross a recent case that happened in Oregon a girl who went on a hunting trip caught the disease from a flea. It was caught early and she survived. I always thought the bubonic plague was a disease of the past but officials say it very much present in our environment today.  We have a lot of rodents like rats in Minnesota and sense the rats are carriers we need to be careful and do a lot of sanitation.







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