Black Plague

Primary Source

Secondary Source

In The Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio describes what he saw when someone was infected with the black plague. He have vivid descriptions of it in one of his stories. He witnessed the black death and how it affected the people around him. The secondary source explains how a teenage girl was infected by a flea in a forest while on a trip. She got  ill from that but thankfully she survived. These relate because the Black Death was a bubonic plague just like what the teenager got. Although the Black Death killed millions of people because of lack of antibiotics, we can today cure these diseases much easier. It is interesting to note how fast we advanced in technology to this day. We couldn’t cure a simple disease in the 13th century that killed millions of people but today we cure it as if it was a simple cold. There have been 15 accounts on people who have been affected by the bubonic plague and only 4 of them died of the disease. This shows how incredible as a society we have advanced! It’s important to know that we don’t have to endure the suffering of what other people had to in the 13th century all thanks to our advancements in technology.


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