The Mongols, Then and Now

The Mongols have always been a prominent name in history with their ruthlessness and having built one of the largest empires of the ancient world. Much like the Mongols of the ancient world, the Mongol motorcycle club is well known for their less than favorable tactics. The Mongols were known for their fearlessness and their superb military discipline. The motorcycle club was founded by previous military members and the club has based much of their code on the history of the ancient Mongols. Much like the ancient Mongols, the MC* is a band of outlaws, in fact they are one of the larger 1%er clubs known throughout the world. 1%er means that they are part of the 1% of motorcycle clubs that engages in criminal activities. Many people see both Mongols as barbaric and terrifying. While this is a very reasonable opinion to have people have to understand that these cultures are built upon a brotherhood and have codes of conduct. Both functioned with a form of government among them; for Genghis Khan it was a line of succession, for the MC it is a democracy with annual elections. In Minnesota we do not have a chapter of the Mongols MC, however there are other motorcycle clubs that do reside here. It is important that the public understand that while the acts of the 1%er clubs are illegal and dangerous only 1 percent of the MC community is involved in that 1 percent. Many of them are law abiding citizens and do not present any harm to the public. Much like the Mongols of the past after conquering someone the message is simple; “you respect me and I’ll respect you”.

*MC: motorcycle club



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