Was Ebola Behind the Black Death?

Both Ebola and the Black Death devastated populations and currently the source of these plagues are unknown. Theories about the correlation of the two have been around for many years, even before Ebola spread to the western world. Now evidence has surfaced revealing that it might have been an Ebola-like virus that devastated Europe, not the bubonic plague. This is very different from what history told us before, that the Black Death was spread through rats and fleas. Ebola is spread from human to human contact. As Dr. Duncan writes in his book, Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historic Populations, the spread of an Ebola-like virus and the Black Death would be very different. The article mentions that the spread of an Ebola-like virus would be much faster than the estimated Black Plague. This is problematic because it also destroys the idea of how the Black Death came to Europe and originated. There is a similar problem for Ebola with no one truly knowing how the virus came about.  This Pinterest Pin describe the basic information of Ebola. The first Ebola outbreak happened in Guinea in West Africa. The early symptoms of the virus present as a flu, being especially dangerous as people aren’t inclined to go to the doctor for a flu. The virus usually presents itself within 21 days. The issue of the Black Death being an Ebola-like virus, is that Ebola is present in today’s world. The number of people that the Black Death killed was horrible and that happening today impacts everyone. There is also the issue that historians and researchers alike haven’t figured out what caused the Black Death, leaving bad odds for finding the origin of Ebola. This impacts Minnesotans because Ebola came to our state. Minnesota offered up several hospitals for the treatment of Ebola, meaning there was a possibility that a Minnesotan could have gotten the virus. This problem also impacts us outside of Minnesota, thousands of people in West Africa are dying due to this disease. This issue impacts us as people.



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