The black death and Ebola

Today in the news, I read about 15 years old boy who die of Ebola. Liberia located in West Africa and was greatly impacted by the divesting disease. As a result it leads to killing many people. it is contagious disease and it can also be air burn.  Ebola virus went epidemic and mostly occurred in African countries. It can be contacted from person to person.

According to the article I read, Black Death was one of the most disastrous diseases that ever happen in history, which lead in many people deaths. It is estimated 75 to 200 million people affected by this dangerous disease. The disease came from rat. The virus lived in rat and causes them no harm. When contacted by human it dangerously killed them.  However, People in Europe were not educated or knowledgeable of the virus.  Many people believed that the Black Death was a kind of punishment from God. Base on the sin they have committed. Another reason which causes many people to be affected by the disease was people were to inform about how to protect them from the disease.

Moving forward the Black Death and the Ebola has many symptoms in common.  . Bothe disease went viral and killed many people. It can be contacted from person to person. The symptoms are fever, diarrhea, vomiting and weight lost. the Black Death and Ebola victims often goes through a bleeding phase that can result in vomiting or coughing up blood and bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth. One main issue it raises to me is that health care system let many people dies, before creating the vaccination that cured it..

Many people in Minnesota were afraid when they hear about the devastating news about Ebola killing people in Africa. One of the major concerns was, for the disease not to come to the Minnesota and affect people. Minnesota department of health made a standard procedure for everyone who travel to the countries, were Ebola was active to be screen for 21 days. The individual should stay isolated for the period of days until proven negative. One interesting thing I enjoy is form of communication which was very vital.  Social media kept me inform, about the disease.. Almost every Minnesotan was aware about the disease and uses preventive measure. Compare to people in the medieval age, they did not have much information about the disease and how prevent them self.  Am guessing TV was not made, or even if it was made not everyone could easily access it. Technology was not advance. Thank to technology nowadays.




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