The Bubonic Plague and the Out Doors

Once again there has been another case of a minor getting diagnosed with the Bubonic Plague. This case takes places in Oregon, which to me it seems that is where most cases are popping up. In an article written by CNBC that was linked via twitter, summarizes this larger article written by NPV, stating that the girl was infected during a camping trip, and as much as the plague was deadly back in the 14 century; it is not contagious and can – if caught early – be treated with antibiotics. I have always been intrigued with the Bubonic Plague. Mainly because it seems as though it skipped right over Poland. When researching, I came across this article, which brings up some background information about the country of Poland at the time of the plague and Biblical a little facts. It talks about how Poland was inhibited by Jews, and that a good portion as to why few Jews were effected by the plague could be tied to their sanitary precautions that they took towards themselves and their faith. The article is great because it points out that even with their higher sanitary rates, the Jews and other inhabitants were effect and died because of the nature of the plague. This is an issue that we need to keep ourselves aware with, mainly because of all the camp grounds and open fields in Minnesota. As long as people educate themselves on the signs -of the plague side effects- and what could be considered a ‘hot spot’ for the plague bacteria to be located, people will be better prepared and not blind sided by a possible infection. Thus resulting in a better travel/vacation experience for everyone.

Mia Gustafson


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