The spread of the plague

The black plague, you may have heard it referred to as the Black Death or bubonic plague, took Europe by storm in the 1300’s. This plague nowadays can easily be cured with cheap antibiotics but back then they were unable to stop its force. People tried many means of protecting themselves from it such as barring off their house, to leaving for country side, to even isolating whole towns and cities from the outside world. Nothing seemed to help no matter what was done the plague continued. Any exposure to the bacteria through any bodily fluids of an infected victim was a death sentence. This was not great news for the people back then because “The conditions in the cities also set the stage for disease. Waste accumulated in the streets for lack of sewer systems” (source 2). the most advanced system was in Paris which did not do a good job of keeping the plague at bay. Doctors of the time did everything they could to cure the sick everything such as “burning woods and herbs, special diets, courses of bleeding, new postures for sleeping, the very rich are trying medicines made of gold and pearls” (source 1). Nothing was working the best way to survive the plague was to isolate yourself was to get far way and hope that you didn’t get it, and if you did the plague “then all that remains is resignation and prayer” (source 1).

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