Is the Black Death Back in the United States?

Most people know about the black death which most people call the bubonic plague. Recently a 16 year-old girl in Oregon was exposed and infected with the bubonic plague. Scientists and doctors have confirmed that it is the same disease that killed almost half of Europe’s population from 1347 to 1351. The disease killed so many people that they couldn’t dig enough graves for all the dead bodies so they ended up piling them up in the streets. See an example below.

File:The plague of Florence in 1348, as described in Boccaccio's Wellcome L0004057.jpg

This disease was thought to have been contracted through mice on ships that were filled with goods meant for trading, but recent studies have shown that it is now from the fleas on the mice that spread the disease throughout Europe. The Oregon teen was bit by a flea while hunting and that is how she was infected. The reason why so many people died from the plague in Europe is because antibiotics were not invented yet. If found early enough the plague can be treated even though it takes five days to see the symptoms. There have been 8 cases reported since 1995, but there have not been any reported deaths. Is this a start to a new breakout of the black death or will it stay just a minor disease that is only reported about once a year? Nobody will know until it happens.


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