The Black Death: A New Beginning

The Black Death while in its prime path of destruction paved a rather successful path for those who survived. The Black death relates almost directly to natural selection. Social effects were felt greatly after the treacherous event. The poor found better work environments and earned a better living. Although no other virus has amounted to the disaster that the plague brought forth, a few can compete. The most recent virus that struck cords across the world would be ebola hemorrhagic fever, or Ebola. Ebola did not cause nearly the amount of deaths that the plague did but it caused a catastrophic scare throughout the world. Tragedies unify groups of people and give everyone a common concept to discuss.

Since the announcement of the ebola virus, many theories have arose about the similarities between the Black Death and the Ebola virus. Scientists and biologists are all trying to find the root of the problem first. The authors of Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historic Populations gathered that the Black Death was most likely caused by a hemorrhage bacteria such as Ebola, and not from the bubonic plague. Whether or not which assumption is true or not is up for debate.

It is obvious that when illness strikes it is not good news. However, in some aspects it is. These illnesses provide opportunities for countries to improve on their medical tactics. Both Ebola and the Black Death have implemented new discoveries in the scientific and medical world. Along with new tools and knowledge comes consequences, but it has proved to be worth it in order to be able to save the world a little faster each time.

Whether the world is dealing with an ancient catastrophie or a modern problem, the outcome will always be the same.

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