HIV/AIDs and the Plague

The first source that I found talked about AIDs and how it may b related to the plague. There is no specific evidence but they are doing experiments and tests now to find out. The second source that I found talks about how AIDs is worse than the plague. They relate to each other because they both talk about how the plague can be related if not worse than the Black Death. Scientists are beginning to wonder if HIV (which causes AIDS) has anything to do with the plague. The plague “arrived on ships from Asia’s, carried by fleas that had infected rats on board the ships.” And the Black death had killed about 1/3 of Europe’s population before it was cut off. However, scientists began to wonder how some people managed to survive, was it based on genetics? Exposure? Or just luck?  The Black Death and AIDs “scavenger white blood cells of the immune system. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md., say they have found that a genetic mutation that protects against the AIDS virus.” This all started around the time of the plague in Europe and found that it is common for people to have the AIDs resistance gene if they have ancestors that were ravished by the Black Death. The gene is also spread similarly with HIV and the plague, you have to come into contact with it. Doctors and scientists are now studying to see if these viruses are similar and if they stem from the same thing. However, if they are related it could turn out that AIDs are a worse form. The issue being presented raises a lot of questions. If they are related, are AIDs a different form of the plague? They also make me wonder how we can stop the spread even more. This issue doesn’t specifically apply to just Minnesotans but everyone, especially in the United States. The U.S. is highly affected from AIDs and if it can stem from the plague or act like it, it may help us stop the spread and treat it.



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