Ebola Virus and the Black Death

When you hear the word virus or plague, you probably think of something terrible happening to someone or something else, like death, or illness. Well, it’s true, in recent history, just a couple years ago, we had a horrible epidemic happen in West Africa having to do with the Ebola outbreak there. It was so bad, that it reminded me of the Black Plague that happened in Europe in 1340’s-1400’s. The importance of talking about Ebola is to gain more knowledge so we can help prevent it in the future. I thought that Ebola and the Black Plague were very similar, in that, they both spread very quickly  making tons of people sick, both can be caused by an infected animal, exposure with coming into contact with others, and similar symptoms like fever, headache, muscle pain, weakness, and more. I thought one of the issues raised for me for both this virus and disease were that they came out of left field so to speak and no one knew what to do before lots of people got infected and died from both Ebola and Black Plague. Another issue would be to prevent coming into contact with the infected animals or other people, that would bother me because with Ebola you could get symptoms anywhere from 2-21 days to exposure and with the Black Plague you have a couple days in between before you showed signs so you could be in contact with a person and not even know that they have been infected. I think it’s interesting to a Minnesotan because of how recent the outbreaks have been and how we still to this day can get epidemic’s in our world even with our advancement in technology and medicine. I also would think that it’s interesting to a Minnesotan because it informs us to pay better attention to countries that don’t have access to healthcare like we do in the states, so I would want to help people in Africa, to get them the help they need and whoever else may be infected around the world, so that we can live in a epidemic/pandemic free world without infection.

http://www.historytoday.com/ole-j-benedictow/black-death-greatest-catastrophe-ever copyright 2016, History Today LTD. Company no. 1556332

http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/symptoms/index.html US Department of Health & Human Services, Clifton Road Atlanta, GA. 30329-4027 USA



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