Present Day Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa, an African King of the Mali Empire, was the richest man that ever lived. He made about 400 billion dollars during his lifetime. He made most of his money from natural resources such as gold. Besides been known for the amount of money he made, he was also known for the 4,000 mile pilgrimage he made to Mecca. Musa was a Muslim who was very strong in his faith. Thousands of people made the pilgrimage with him. Along the way he stopped at different places and donated money. In the city of Cairo in Egypt he donated so much money it caused a mass inflation. He also urbanized the city of Timbuktu by building schools, mosques, and universities which still stand today.

There are and have been many people that make millions of dollars but there have not been any that have made as much as Mansa Musa. The thing that sets Musa apart from many of these people are the donations that he made. Although it is not known how much of his wealth he donated to people, we can assume that it was a lot. The cities that Musa donated to had an increase in inflation which changed their economy because the value of gold went down. Musa was also very devoted to his faith and focused on Islam more than the amount of money that he had. As he took his pilgrimage to Mecca there thousands of people that came along with him. There was one person I found that resembled Musa the most which is Howard Ahmanson.

Howard Ahmanson is the founder and president of Fieldstead & Company Inc. He and his wife, Roberta, are Evangelists that share the word of God to others. Ahmanson is very strong in his faith, just like Musa even though the religions are different. Ahmanson and his wife have created a “cornucopia” of faith-based activists which is similar to Musa’s followers on his journey to Mecca. Ahmanson works in national and international relief and development programs. He helps different places with education, arts, family and children concerns, and religious freedom. Currently helping people in Thailand, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, and the Philippines with different issues and spreading Christianity, he continues to donate the money that he has. Ahmanson once said, “Christlike humility and [improving] the lives of human beings should be the goals.” I think that this is something that many people can learn to live by.

In Minnesota we have different areas that vary in wealth. I am not saying that I am for the people in upper class giving away all their money to the lower class but I think that it could help. I know that most of the people that have a lot of money worked hard to earn it. I also think that Minnesotans can help each other by doing service activities without donating money. With an even distribution of wealth our society will not be so much about power.



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