Modern Day Black Death

The two biggest known diseases or outbreaks in history are the “Black Death” and the Ebola virus. The “Black Death” spread first through sea travel in October in 1347. The ships that arrived on the dock were filled with death. Most of the passengers on the ship were dead and the remaining passengers were ill with the plague. Their bodies were covered with black boils that had blood and pus oozing out of them. The “Black Death” later caused a third of Europe’s population to die from the mysterious disease. Scientists have now found that the “Black Death” was spread from person to person through the air and also from the bite of an infected rat or flea.

The Ebola virus on the other hand was said to have spread through animals as well. The animal was Fruit Bats in Africa. Ebola is said to kill about 90% of the people who catch it. Due to early medical treatment the number dropped off to 55%. This disease is the closest outbreak to be even remotely close to as bad as the “Black Death”. I think that medical advancements is the main reason it didn’t do as much damage as the “Black Death”.

The Modern Day Black Death is what I like to call the Ebola Virus because both of the diseases helped countries improve their medical skills and learn how to treat or cure unknown diseases. Even though both diseases did a tremendous amount of killing and caused a ton of terror, both helped us overcome fears and challenges and made us humans stronger and smarter.

Link 1: “Black Death” Article

Link 2: Ebola Virus Article


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