The Black Death in the United States

The Washington Post  published an article on August 6th,2015, regarding two deaths caused by the plague in Colorado. One victim being 16, and the other an unidentified adult. Although the 16 year old death was mainly due to the doctors not knowing it was plague this gives us a clear sight the the Black Death is not something to consider in the past. Although easily treated by antibiotics the Black Death is still causing fatalities. Officials think that the increased participation may have a direct influence on the sudden spike in cases. As “Colorado had seen only one case of plague since 2007”. Although the post states both deaths are rarities I think they also hit on one very important thought; “they’re also reminders that the world that was once ravaged by the Black Death is not as distant as we might think”. This sudden rise in the central US should not be taken lightly. As we look back we can see depictions of how terrible the Black Death truly was during it’s height using Pieter Bruegel’s famous 1562 painting The Triumph of Death. The Triumph Of Death

 This painting gives us a view into how horrible this disease is environmentally, physically, and mentally. The Black Death is on an increase due to climate changes, and with the disease starting to work it’s way into central US is it extremely important for the Minnesotan to not exclude the Black Death from their concerns.


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