The Plague

The famous disease known as the “Black death” first outbreak was in Italy near the end of 1347. Then it spread through the rest of Europe. The “Black death” is caused by a bacteria called, Yersina pestis. It is spread from rodents or fleas. During the Middle Ages, this death was really popular. Today it is not so much. However, there is still evidence of it being around. The CDC says that the plague is a very serious illness, but is treatable with commonly available antibiotics. The earlier the patient comes in, the more chances they have for a full recovery. In 2015 there were 4 deaths recorded due to the plague. The last recorded death was on August 27, 2015. It was a man in Utah,  in his seventies. According to the Health Department, Plague is naturally occurring in Utah rodents and is often seen in prairie dog populations, furthermore, plague killed 60 to 80 prairie dogs in an eastern Utah colony (MICHELLE L. PRICE). This verifies, that this dieses is calls for attention and awareness. Minnesota is also a common home place for prairie dogs, so this affects us too. Minnesota is home to a lot of campgrounds. When going camping in Minnesota, one of out essential things should be insect repellant. Since the Black Death is spread by fleas it is important that we protect ourselves. By wearing insect repellant we can avoid being bothered by insects and whatever they carry with them. Also, Minnesota is popular for many hunting locations. Hunters should be cautious when handling dead animals, for example, by wearing gloves. Furthermore, when preparing the meat of eat making sure all the tools used are sanitized and the meat is cooked very well so all the bacteria could die off of it. The Black death is a very dangerous disease and we should be aware of it. Even though it’s not very popular, it is still out there. Therefore, we should use all the precautions we need.

This Picture shows us how bad the plague know as the “Black Death” was. We can see some many sufferings. It gives us an image what it might of been like if you were there.


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