Global Warming



The New York Times is a popular news source that many people rely on for their daily news. They recently published an article about how critical it is to obtaining clean renewable power. The article talks about how Europe has been the country with the most renewable energy experiments, but they have also suffered the most damage when it comes to using up their clean energy. The article then goes on to talk about the different ideas to produce clean energy,such as wind turbines or solar panels. Although, all of the ideas that have so far been thought of are only temporary and not long lasting.

This photo was taken in the 1700’s in Philadelphia. In the photo it shows a large factory that was used for manufacturing. This photo was taken during the revolution when technology was evolving at a rapid rate. The factory is discarding what seems to be smoke  or gas from burning coal, oil, or other sources of energy. These gases are then released into our environment and our ecosystem cycle.

These two sources are strongly related. In the today’s world it is very important for us to find a source for clean renewable energy, for our present and future generations. This problem could have been minimized, or even non-existent if we as humans, were to treat our earth better. A huge cause for the lack of clean energy would be industrialization. Industrialization involved a lot of waste and toxic gases to being released into our environment. Which came from all the manufacturers and factories that were being  built and opened during that time.

These two sources raise the issue of having enough energy and clean resources for our present and future generations. The majority of people know that climate change is a growing problem. While yet, we has a planet are still consuming energy at a faster rate than we have it available for us to use. The New York Times article talks about other resources that we could use to create clean renewable energy, but there was not much said about us as a planet cutting back on how much energy we are consuming as a whole. If we cannot cut back the energy consumption, it is going to be that much harder to create and maintain clean energy.

Historical industrialization can help us understand contemporary issues. If we just think of all time as a cause and effect process. Everything that happens in today’s world, is just and effect that happened from a cause in the past. Thus, the past helps us understand why things happen in the present day.


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