Gender Pay Gap


The gender pay gap is a prominent issue today, which began in the days of Industrialization. Although today, the pay gap is significantly smaller, there is still an unacceptable gap. Today, women only make around 80% of what men make, while doing the same job, with the same amount of training and education.  This gap is also increased for people of color or minorities. Some may argue that the this issue is due to the types of jobs that women are seeking compared to men. However, the gap still occurs with men and women who do the same job. This is a result of the historic ideology that men are “more valuable” than women in terms of work. In those days, specifically in America, men were paid a drastic percent higher than women. Before industrialization, men did all of the manual labor while women stayed home to cook and clean. Once cities began to grow and demand for goods sky rocketed, men were needed in factories while the women, once again sat home and did the house work. It was seen as unladylike for a woman to work. They were also seen as undesirable workers with little or no skill. Towards the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was very rare for a woman to work. However, it slowly became more widely accepted. Although women got jobs, they did not make as much as their male equals. Today, this is still true. The fact that today, in 2016, an issue which began at the beginning of industrialization is still a problem is unacceptable. More than a century has passed since the beginning of industrialization in America and while we have made a drastic amount of progress, we are not there yet. No matter the gender or race, people with the same qualifications should receive equal pay.

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