Socio Economic Class Structure Inequality

There is an modern day issue that is rooted in industrialism. This issue is formally called Socio Economic Class Structure Inequality and can be traced back to the industrial revolution. When researching Industrialization I realized that their were really two very abundant groups of people during the industrial revolution. First there was the wealthy business elites that made their money quite easily without much work, they received their money from others working. There was also the working class, which included women and children at the time of the American industrial revolution. They worked hard to make money so they could eat, have shelter and overall survive in these harsh times. There was inequality in the amount of labor the working class did versus the business elites. There was an inequality in the amount of money they each received. There was an inequality in the type of labor they performed to receive pay.There has always been inequality in societies but during the industrial revolution, more and more people were receiving the opportunity to climb the social ladder and benefit from the people below. I came across a book written by the working class people in 1830’s I didn’t get the chance to read all of this primary source, but I did get the chance to look at a few of the chapter. The overlying theme that was happening in these few chapters was that the middle class felt that the class system was unfair. But the working class people didn’t know how to fix this problem, so they just continued to give into the inequality. Today class inequality is still around. While researching, I found a secondary source. An article on Psychology Today. The articles titled “How economic inequality is damaging our social structure” discussed the social inequality that is present today. The rich profiting off the poor. The higher class people are making millions. While millions of middle class people are underemployed or unemployed. There is a huge divide between the upper and lower classes that we can really see today, that can be traced back to the industrial revolution. These two sources really helped me understand more about class inequality that arose and still lingers still in our society. I decided to dig a little deeper this week. So I searched twitter for #inequality. I was curious what would come up. Instantly two feeds came up, “Poverty and Inequality” and “Inequality and Social policy”. I began to look through each of their twitter posts. Nearly everyday each of these feeds posted something about social class inequality that was happening in the United States. Personally I was shocked. This problem arose during the industrial revolution, why is it still around today?

History really makes you think sometimes.


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