Gender Pay Gap

12-pauline-berker-equal-pay-w529-h352-2xWage Labor has been around for centuries. Including before the Industrial Revolution. Though when gender pay gap became an issue was throughout the Industrial Revolution. Men and women would has the same labor, women were paid less than men, for no particular reason. The NY Magazine stated that “58 percent of women say they don’t have the information to negotiate successfully; 56 percent report not knowing what to ask for; 55 percent don’t negotiate because they don’t want to come across as pushy.” To me, that quote should mean nothing because I believe men do not need to try as hard to negotiate with their company for a wage. The reason that gender pay gap is such a big deal is because to every dollar women are making 80 of that than men. “Women are expected to earn as much as men as early as January 2196, reports the World Economic Forum.” It is so sad that this article was published November 1st, 2016. How do they know these things? How could it be that it will take 180 years for the government to finally establish a law for women to have equal pay to men. In today’s century, woman continue to fight for equal pay. While comparing the time of the Industrial Revolution and now, it is still not equal pay between the two genders.


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