The Sixth Mass Extinction

Tar Pit #3

Tar sands pit in Alberta Canada   (Washington Post)


“A vast chunk of space rock crashes into the Yucatan Peninsula, darkening the sky with debris and condemning three-quarters of Earth’s species to extinction. A convergence of continents disrupts the circulation of the oceans, rendering them stagnant and toxic to everything that lives there. Vast volcanic plateaus erupt, filling the air with poisonous gas. Glaciers subsume the land and lock up the oceans in acres of ice.” (Washington Post)

Five times throughout the history of all life on Earth there has been a mass extinction, causing extreme environments for life to endure. Many times life cannot adapt quickly enough and in turn goes extinct. The sixth such extinction is believed to be upon us today, except this time it is caused by humans. More specifically it is caused by humans becoming industrialized, our use of machinery to ease our lives has now put that strain onto other species. With the use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil being consumed at an ever increasing rate the amount of carbon dioxide, rising over twenty five parts per million in a short ten years. Along with our increasing expanses of deforestation have resulted in massive loss of habitat to many of the living organisms on Earth.

As a result of humans destroying the habitability of Earth we are seeing a dramatic increase in acidity of the oceans which is causing a large array of aquatic life to die off such as coral reefs and many crustaceans. Deforestation on the other hand has led many species to extinction, by taking away the forests that these animals live in to make space for factories and cities, many animals have been forced extinction. Species like the Javen tiger have gone extinct due to such events, many animals are also forced out of their land and into cities, where the public sees them as dangerous, so the animals are often killed in fear that they would harm the very humans that took their habitat away.   (primary)    (secondary)  (secondary)


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