Child Labor Laws

Although child labor is not as prevalent in the U.S, as it is in other countries, it still is a huge problem in the world. In my secondary source it explains that in others countries ,such as India, Bangladesh, China and Kenya still use child labor as a prime source of workers. “In India 14.4% of all children between the ages of 10 and 14 are employed as child laborers.  In Bangladesh the number is 30.1%, in China it is 11.6%, and Pakistan it is 17.7%, and in Kenya it is 41.3%.” My primary source explains the story of Robert Blincoe, and his experience when he was a child laborer himself. Something I also saw, was the fact industrial owners used children from orphanages and workhouses.

Both of my sources show how some big businesses use children for cheap, easy labor. My two sources also show how, the kids are forced to work whether it is because of poverty, lack of education, or weak labor laws or have absolutely no choice.

The issues raised are exactly what I have pointed out before, child labor is unsafe for children that are desperate or forced to work, for low wage or none at all.

Primary source:

Secondary source:


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