Fossil Fuels and the Problems they Cause

Back in the 18th Century, the world started to industrialize. At the time, it made life easier. Now, it is creating much bigger issues than anyone could have ever imagined. Factories and industry are destroying the environment that we live in. Temperatures are at an all time high because of the chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Fossil fuel use began at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and hasn’t stopped since. The chemicals released from fossil fuels are killing our atmosphere and our environment. Our world is dying before our very eyes, yet not many people seem to care.

The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of the use of fossil fuels. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people slowly started to use fossil fuels over traditional and renewable resources, such as wind or wood, for power. Human labor was replaced by machines that were powered by coal and oil. One invention of this period was the steam engine. Trains and railroads dominated the industry during the 1800s. This made coal a necessity because that is what was used to power the steam engines. Fossil fuels because necessary for life during the 1800s and because of this, our population has become dependent on these resources. As the population and economy has grown over time, the use of fossil fuels only seems to increase more and more.

Today, fossil fuels are being used more than ever and are destroying our environment. The burning of fossil fuels for energy causes a variety of problems. Heat-absorbing gases, such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane, are being released into the atmosphere and causing a greenhouse effect. These chemicals are causing the temperatures around the world to rise, which is known as Global Warming. Another problem that has been caused by the use of fossil fuels is how we get them. This causes companies to destroy ecosystems and communities. One event that is happening right now is the Dakota Pipeline that is being put in next to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Building the pipeline would contaminate the water that the people on the reservation drink. Also, fossil fuels, such as petroleum oil have started to run out. This creates a huge problem because the world’s population depends on these to live and function in everyday life. With the fossil fuels running out, life as we know it will change.

When industrialization started, the use of fossil fuels skyrocketed. Everything they did required some sort of nonrenewable resource. This caused a dependency on fossil fuels. Now, humans use these resources too much, which has created multiple problems. Global warming is harming our planet and the action of getting the fossil fuels is killing people and the environment. People must start to act on this before the problem gets even worse.



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