Industrialization – Changing Lives


It’s funny that this is happening now, I mean right now as I type.  I was on a personal boycott of this assignment.  Some ethereal moral high ground that all but fades away in the waning hour.   Un-officially not even the 11th hour but about 12hrs late.

I find this funny because Industrialization is the exact reason today that I have been putting off this assignment,finding excuses layered in industrialization.

First and foremost, I had a moral issue with having to sign up for yet another account to manage my Normandale School Work, but things like Pinterest, or Twitter, or WordPress, StarID, Tech ID number, a super secret Normandale E-mail that is only supposed to be used.  It’s deeper than that as last night I also struggled to remind myself my Hulu and Netflix Passwords, as well as my Wi-Topia password too.

My second reason is because I am lazy honestly really procrastinating on this assignment.  I had a block of 14hrs the other day with basically nowhere to go, but instead I chose to read my Nook, and watch a movie, and lie down to take a rare and treasured nap.  This abundance of free time often makes our other time feel compressed, but these options and outputs are directly reflected in how industrialization is all around us and changing our world, opening us up as a people, and providing this time not hunting and gathering food.

My next excuse is because I have been having trouble finding time for this class this week.  I had a company re-treat to Las Vegas from Friday to Sunday Night.   Monday was wrought with Kids and Business.  Tuesday could have been better at which I carry hope, but concern still lies ahead.  Wednesday was a day of a lot of nothing, and frankly, Thursday just disappeared.  But these items are all directly reflected on the march of Industrialization.

In fact this post finds its origins in looking frantically for my LifeSize Cloud Password.  I took another “rest” that snuck up on me, only to wake up just in time to get on that Video Conference.   After that, I was awake and spent the next 7hrs binge watching Lucifer on Hulu thanks to Industrialization.

I still can’t sleep and maybe it is the guilt of this assignment.

But this march of industrialization has converted the land, and back home, the environmental devastation of farming to migratory patterns, fertilizer run-off, over-fishing of Lake Mille Lacs.  This degradation of our natural resources is brought by the forces of industrialization, and the forward march of the urban landscape.  These forces march on, and so do time.  They cover us, and surround us, and with a touch of commitment help us finish our assignments.

That is where this post ends with a picture from 35mins ago, here on Saturday Morning November 12th, looking over a small part of Jiaxing that just 20yrs ago was fields and mud, but now has been trampled by the march of Industrialization.


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