Black Death

The black death was a plague that went wide spread around 1346–1353. The sickness killed millions and spread across countries infecting everyone in its quake. I found an article talking about this dangerous plague had 15 cases within the United States in 2015. This shocked me because I generally thought the plague was completely gone. CNNs article was backed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) so there was a good amount of credability behind the article. Reading the article the plague can be treated using antibiotics but it needs to be diagnosed quickly or it would be to late to administer the medicine. “There have been two patients in Arizona, four in Colorado, four in New Mexico, one in Oregon, one in California, one in Utah, one in Georgia and one in Michigan”. Sounds like Minnesota is not under much threat from this plague. Although I remember back when this plague was going rampant there was information how it spread across countries. Is there a possibility of it finding it’s way to Minnesota? My primary source was a note written by Gabriele de’ Mussi and his account of the plague. He wrote how they arived by boats and passed on the plague wherever the arrived. So what about in todays technology, could they pass the plague by planes? I feel like the technology we have now and the preventions we have in place would never allow something like the plague to get as far as being a threat to us. In the case of a wide spread issue antibiotics can be admistered easily and solve the threat. The plague in the articles have been caught by fleas unto humans. They reccomended covering up their skin if they lived in an area where it was prevelent. Another articles by CNN covered peoples accounts of their treatment and experience with the black plague. These people are now all living healthy lives without worry of the black plague like they should. The experiences they had with the plague were horrifying, however most have put it behind them and and leading a good life. We are in a lucky age were we do not need to worry much about a large threat like the plague. Instead we get to continue on worrying about the amount of debt we are in.



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