Plague mystery solved?

Rather recently new and exciting evidence has been found in regards to the Black death or Plague. The Plague was a devastating plague that brought the western world to it”s knees in the 13th century. For 660 years archeologists, biologists and many kinds of scientists have puzzled over how the black death began. There have been many theories such as the spread of disease was caused by a punishing god to the more mundane idea of the disease being spread via the common rat. There has been a recent archeological discovery that may help us answer this long standing question.

A recent construction on the London cross rail has recently uncovered the remains of six skeletons. The genders of these bodies have been determined to be, two male, two female, and two undeterminable genders. Four adults and two children were in the pit. From and archeological standpoint and a historian standpoint this is important, because records showed that a multitude of bodies were dumped in a mass grave pit, however the exact location has never been determined.

These skeletal remains are very important finds because they are believed to date all the way back to the mid thirteenth century, right around the time of the horrible bubonic plague.Even more importantly the skulls of the plague victims are found to of had the bacterium ” Yersinia pests” which is the scientific name for the bubonic plague. This will help narrow the seemingly endless possibilities of transmission and will be able to help us with further knowledge how the disease was first conceived.

Some of the more information the came from the skeleton included, that they were malnourished and had rickets. The skeletons also added to the data shows us that 40% of the victims of the black plague grew up outside the city of London which displays that the city of London attracted people from across the British Isles much like it does to this very day.

“We will undertake further excavations in Charterhouse Square later this year to confirm some of the results,” states archeologist Ja Carver. this is a wonderful thing because there is still so much more to learn from these six hundred year old bones of the victims if the black death.


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