Is the Black Death same as Ebola?


The Black Plague was a disease caused by a bacteria yersina pestis which are found in rats that are infected by fleas. These rats are mainly found on ships or any places where there are people around. This Plague spread throughout Europe wiping out more than 20 million people within the late 1340s to late 1350s which is about 30%-60% of Europe’s total population . The plague also ended up in China due to the rats living on the ship the entire trip there. Till this day the black death stills exist in parts of China, India, and North America which is really surprising to me because I thought this plague was already extinct for good due to the fact that we have developed so many antibiotics and nonresistant drugs that cure most of the diseases that come up instantly . Like Ebola the plague was believed to have originated form Africa and moved its way up to Europe. I came across this article which talks about how the plague can be derived from the Ebola virus due to the similarities they have. Researchers Christopher Duncan and Susan Scott compared the signs and symptoms of the black death to modern day viruses like Spanish Flu, West Nile virus, and most recently Ebola. The descriptions that they found from the black death seems to match more with the modern day Ebola virus. Some examples were getting a hemorrhagic fever instantly, blood vessels rupture underneath the skin, lumps start to appear all over the body. The internal organs being dissolved in body matches with the autopsy that was performed on someone with the black death. When it comes to making both the black death and Ebola from spreading all over the place they require having the victims quarantine for 40 days which reduces the spread of the disease. This matters to a lot of Minnesotans because there are still some plagues that currently exist. They won’t harm us since there are all kinds of antibiotics and vaccinations that will prevent the plague from reaching us. The picture above shows how people with the black death are in their beds with lumps the size of a grape all over their entire body. They look like they are in so much pain and suffering to the point where they are just laying there like dead bodies. Since there were no hospitals back then the victims of the Black Death would get quarantined inside their house so the disease would stop immediately. They are being taking care of by a religious leader and his helpers. There was also no antibiotics during that so they used remedies that they came up with to help reduce the illnesses and there’s one of the helpers trying to reduce the swelling of the lumps but none of them were successful.  People who end up getting the Black Death usually ended up dying within a week since there is no precautions towards it or tools that can help detect the disease right away. Even though quarantining does help reduce the spread, but there were some people like the religious leader and his helpers that took care of the victims so now they have the disease too which will eventually spread to other people easily when they leave the place. The black death is an airborne plague that spreads through coughs, breathing, and sneezing of an infected person




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