The Mongols


The Mongols originated from the Mongolian plateau and strived as a nomadic tribe. Genghis Khan’s great-grandfather, Kabul Han, unified the Mongols together. In their region, there were other tribes like the Tartars and they was warfare and raiding involved within the tribes. This all happened when Genghis Khan was born but as he progressed and grew, he conquered and unified a Mongol nation once again, and everyone adapted different cultures and new ideas as they settled in the new land. Between the years of 1206 and 1279, Genghis Khan, his successors and the Mongol empire occupied all the way from Eastern Europe, from Siberia to Vietnam, and to the Pacific coast of China (including China, Russia, Persia, the Middle East). The Mongols were recognized for the violence and destruction as they conquered the known world which caused the destruction of ancient cities and major demographic changes. However, The Mongol military was known for its brilliant strategies and brutality in its force. In the earlier years, their battles against China failed miserably based on their siege warfare tactics so Genghis learned to develop and train his army better so they can succeed in keeping a stable empire and military. The Mongol military may have been smaller than its enemies but they emphasized great speed and mobility while using horses, avoiding diseases and staying nourished. During battle, the Mongols used speed & stamina to weaken their enemy by bombarding them with fire before they directly fought. The discipline and focus of this group was so legendary because whenever their forces were losing in battle they would group together and attack the commander of the enemy, which led them to win mostly all battles against bigger forces. Many of the Mongol scouting raids did not loot or plunder any enemies because they were focused on specific missions and realized that looting can slow down their task. A compliment to go against the violence is that Mongolian administration encouraged communication and global trade never seen before. Historians recognize Genghis Khan as one of the first rulers to adopt Meritocracy, which is a government that is filled with people that are selected based on their skills, and Autonomy which is a self governing country/region that is independent and Genghis Khan used/identified with all of that. These two sources relate to each other by describing how the the Mongol Empire was, how it started and how they became great. From this information, they raise the issue of Violence in the ancient world to my awareness and I conclude that the violence in the world will always affect civilizations. This information is important to a contemporary Minnesotan because we should know how a great empire succeeded in conquering the world.



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