Black Death

The Black death was one of the worst pandemics to ever affect the world, killing at least 1/3 of the population of Europe. It started breaking out around the 14th century and continued to be a problem up until the 19 century. Before the 19th century there was no real cure to the black death. The black death was commonly spread through rodents and fleas and would infect people that were close to them. Typically in dirtier areas it was more common, and the lack of knowledge of the disease and technology only made, “The Black Death” or “The Plague”, worse.

I think trying to understand the black death connects to the flu and trying to understand more about how the flu works as well. Such as when we have out breaks of the flu, like the H1N1 or the influenza pandemic back in the early 20th century. What made both the Black death and the Influenza Pandemic so deadly was the lack of knowledge that humans had on both of these contagions.

I think this matters to modern minnesotans because during the winter there seems to always be some sort of contagion going around, such as the flu or a cold. I feel like if there is something such as the H1N1 or some sort of flu breaks out there could be a problem because viruses and bacterias are becoming more and more resistant to the antibiotics that we are usually treated with. We never know if there will be something such as damaging as the Black death was.



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